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Mrs. Denise Carter

Dear Parents,

   As your child’s Music Education Teacher, my goal is to provide an environment where all students of all abilities can participate in varied forms of musical expression. The Music classroom should be an arena in which children learn to create, participate, read & write in the musical language, and also appreciate their own & other’s talents & skills. It is my desire that all children will be exposed to a world of musical experiences and will continue to engage in musical activities beyond the elementary level.

   To achieve these goals, I’ll expect your child to participate in all activities, display positive behaviors & attitudes at all times, and demonstrate good sportsmanship, along with following all directions given by adults. 

   Students who follow these expectations can expect verbal praise, positive notes home, special privileges, treasure chest choice, and the intrinsic satisfaction of a job well done!

   In the event that your child chooses to act in an inappropriate manner, the following process will be used: 1. Clarification of the rule & verbal reminder. 2.  Removal from class activity for a brief time along with conferencing with student. 3. Longer period of time away from activity & note home (or phone call). 4. Conference with an administrator if above procedures don’t resolve the problem (in the case of an extreme situation).

   Thank you in advance for your support! I’m excited to begin this year & am looking forward to a successful year of positive musical experiences!



Mrs. D. Carter



Grading Policy: Grades in Music are based on participation & conduct, not on musical ability. All students are capable of earning an E (excellent) if they stay involved in classroom activities & follow directions. Because of this policy, a student’s behavior & their music grade are closely linked together. Students receive a mark in my book after a verbal warning, for non-participation or for not following directions. Within each set of 6 weeks, grades are determined in the following manner:

E =  Excellent   no marks or warnings  

S = Satisfactory   1 -3 marks or warnings

U = Unsatisfactory   4 or more marks or warnings  


Conduct grades are established in the same manner. However, an extreme behavior (based on campus policy) or office referral, results in an automatic drop to the next lower letter grade.

   I welcome any suggestions or comments you may have! Please feel free to email me at dcarter@ednaisd.org or you can reach me at school 361-782-2953. Thank you.