• Music Teacher:

    Mrs. Priscilla Smith 
    Grading Policy: Grades in Music are based on participation & conduct, not on musical ability. All students are capable of earning an E (excellent) if they stay involved in classroom activities & follow directions. Because of this policy, a student’s behavior & their music grade are closely linked together. Students receive a mark in my book after a verbal warning, for non-participation or for not following directions. Within each set of 6 weeks, grades are determined in the following manner:

    E =  Excellent   no marks or warnings  

    S = Satisfactory   1 -3 marks or warnings

    U = Unsatisfactory   4 or more marks or warnings  


    Conduct grades are established in the same manner. However, an extreme behavior (based on campus policy) or office referral, results in an automatic drop to the next lower letter grade.