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    Up coming events


    May 14th-18th 

    Monday May 14th -Friday May 18th:  Closed Campus STARR testing

    Tuesday, May 15th- Off Campus Classroom!!

    Wednesday, May 16th- Acceelerated Reader Read in

    Thursday, May 17th-  Let's Go Fly a Kite.  Bring a kite, send some bubbles or sidewalk chalk for a day full of fun.

    Friday, May 18th:  Early Release @ 12:00 for Summer Break!


    Thanks for being supportive parents throughout the year!!!!


    Prizes for 1st graders
    Students earn points for positive behavior and are given Wrangler Bucks each Friday for their earnings.  They can save their Wrangler Bucks to "purchase" prizes on the first Monday of each month.  Keep those Wrangler Bucks in a safe place while you save.  We will not replace if lost damaged or stolen.
    20 Wrangler Bucks
    Bring a stuffed Animal to school with you
    Take your shoes off in class for the day 
    40 Wrangler Bucks
    Use in pen
    Play with chalk at recess. 
    50 Wrangler Bucks 
    Wear your favorite hat in class
    Bring Show and Tell.
    80 Wrangler Bucks
    15 minutes free computer time
    Use markers for the day
    90 Wrangler Bucks
    Eat lunch with the teacher in the class
    IPad time
    100 Wrangler Bucks 
    Small Sonic drink of your choice
    Read to a Kindergarten class 

















    Please contact your child's homeroom teacher by phone at 782-2953, by note in their take home folder, or by e-mail @













































































































































     for Christmas Holiday on Friday, December 19th at 12noon.

    • School will resume on, Tuesday, January 6th.