• Welcome to Edna Elementary Kindergarten
                                                    Mrs. Durham    Ms. Ortiz    
                                             Mrs. Overstreet    Mrs. Brzozowski     
                                        Mrs. Watkins    Mrs. Pressler    Ms. Melton
    • January 24, 2018: CLASS PICTURES
    • Letter of the Week: Ii
    • Zoophonics
    • Blend phonemes, middle sound
    • Introduce sight words: is, how REVIEW I, like, the, and, we, a, to, are, now, with, what, my, me 
    • Grammar: proper nouns for people and places
    • Comprehension Skill: details, summarize

    Social Studies

    • Seasons/Maps and Location 


    • Calendar Activities: Days of the Week, Months of the Year
    • Counting to 60
    • Building, writing, making sets to 12
    • Composing/Decomposing 5
    • Coins
    • 3D Shapes


    • Exploring Motion
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    Mrs. Brzozowski - bbrzozowski@ednaisd.org
    Mrs. Durham - sdurham@ednaisd.org    
    Ms. Melton- lmelton@ednaisd.org     
    Ms. Ortiz - aortiz@ednaisd.org
    Mrs. Overstreet - moverstreet@ednaisd.org
    Mrs. Pressler - dpressler@ednaisd.org    
    Mrs. Watkins - rwatkins@ednaisd.org