• Welcome to Edna Elementary Kindergarten
                                                    Mrs. Durham    Ms. Ortiz    
                                             Mrs. Overstreet    Mrs. Brzozowski     
                                        Mrs. Watkins    Mrs. Pressler    Ms. Melton
    • January 24, 2018: CLASS PICTURES
    • Letter of the Week: Ii
    • Zoophonics
    • Blend phonemes, middle sound
    • Introduce sight words: is, how REVIEW I, like, the, and, we, a, to, are, now, with, what, my, me 
    • Grammar: proper nouns for people and places
    • Comprehension Skill: details, summarize

    Social Studies

    • Seasons/Maps and Location 


    • Calendar Activities: Days of the Week, Months of the Year
    • Counting to 60
    • Building, writing, making sets to 12
    • Composing/Decomposing 5
    • Coins
    • 3D Shapes


    • Exploring Motion
     Math Practice


    IXL is a computer program designed to help students with many different skills.  IXl is up and running!  Students habe been given their login information and will be working on the program here at school.  Please encourage your child to work in IXL from home to help them improve their math skills.  We ask that they only work on current or past skills taught in class.  Students that try to work ahead may get confused and need help.  We teach certain strategies that, as a parent, you may not be aware of.  We also takes grades on IXL and it wouldn't be fair to everyone that does not have  internet access or help at home.  Click here to log in.


    Kindergarten teacher email addresses:  
    Please feel free to contact your students teacher via email, DOJO, or send a note in your child's take-home folder. 
    Thank you!
    Mrs. Brzozowski - bbrzozowski@ednaisd.org
    Mrs. Durham - sdurham@ednaisd.org    
    Ms. Melton- lmelton@ednaisd.org     
    Ms. Ortiz - aortiz@ednaisd.org
    Mrs. Overstreet - moverstreet@ednaisd.org
    Mrs. Pressler - dpressler@ednaisd.org    
    Mrs. Watkins - rwatkins@ednaisd.org