Edna High School

Ensuring a Quality Education for All

1303 W. Gayle St. • Edna, TX 77957 • Phone: 361-782-5255

Ms. Deborah Casey

Phone: 361-782-5255


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Ed.C.I. with Composite Science Teaching Certificate (Texas A&M University, 1975) B.S. Geology (Lamar University, 1991) Gifted & Talented Certification (renewed annually) College Board Certified - AP Biology, AP Chemistry (renewed annually or as needed)

Ms. Deborah Casey

Daily Schedule (Regular)
          TIME                 PERIOD               SUBJECT         
 7:30am -  7:55am          ---           Morning Tutorial
 8:00am -  851am           1st         Chemistry
 8:55am -  9:44am          2nd        Chemistry
 9:48am - 10:37am         3rd         Pre-AP Chemistry
10:41am - 11:30am        4th         AP Biology
11:34am - 12:04pm        ---           Lunch
12:08pm - 12:57pm        5th         Chemistry
 1:01pm -  1:50pm          6th         Conference
 1:54pm -  2:43pm          7th         Pre-AP Chemistry
 2:47pm -  3:36pm          8th         Chemistry
 3:40pm -  4:10pm          ---           Afternoon Tutorial**
** No afternoon tutorial on Wednesday afternoon because teacher has been assigned to a Duty Station.